Today, my husband and I are celebrating 6 years of marriage. Over the years, we have always traveled to celebrate and reflect on our anniversary, but this year is a bit different. We experienced our most challenging year yet with our son being born at 26 weeks. Through this year of learning to be parents and how to care for a micro-preemie, we grew stronger both individually and as a couple.

Words cannot express how grateful and blessed I feel to have the opportunity to do life with my husband. Now that we have made it through 6 years of marriage and almost a full year of being parents of a micro-preemie, I am excited to see what’s to come. I’m sure life won’t be without its challenges, but as long as we continue to be support systems for each other and maintain the balance in our relationship, I have faith that we will continue to grow stronger together.

To all the couples out there who have medically complex children, remember to be strong for each other and take time to nurture your relationship when you can. It’s very hard to do, but definitely a necessity. 💜

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