The Day You Came Home…

Today is a special day to many, but extremely special to us. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, however, it’s also the day that Emerson came home from the hospital two years ago. I will never forget that day. The excitement, nervousness, and relief I felt all at once. This day was the culmination of the first 191 days of Emerson’s life coming to an end and the beginning of our new normal at home. Grateful doesn’t begin to express my feelings for him coming home.

Today, it is an honor to have him experience his first trip to Disney to celebrate bringing him home. Watching him enjoy the Disney Junior Dance Party and Toy Story Mania was a feeling like no other. My baby is getting to be a real kid! Going through NICU life and coming out on the other side makes me incredibly grateful for every milestone and experience he has whether big or small. I know it didn’t have to be this way, but we were blessed to have a miracle baby. I sincerely hope our family’s story helps others to remain faithful and hopeful through their NICU journey.

Happy Valentine’s Day 💜