Mother’s Day Reflections

Celebrating my first Mother’s Day with my husband and Emerson was amazing. In the midst of being super exhausted from traveling to Canada for work and NC for graduation, the day was still more special for me than I could have imagined.

I took the earliest flight back to make sure that I could share this special time with my boys, and they did not disappoint! Hubby had breakfast all ready and Emerson gave me the biggest smile ever when I walked in. In that moment, I had a flash of everything that led us to that moment: the high risk pregnancy, the hospital stay, the many blood transfusions, the procedures, and the list goes on. Grateful doesn’t begin to cover it. I felt more than elated and blessed to have this day and be celebrated as a mother by my husband and son.

The other thing I kept thinking about on that day and throughout this week was the many moms who have supported and continue to support me throughout my journey. I am grateful to have a community of moms that are following our story and care enough to check on us, provide advice when needed, and just listen.

Also, as an update to my previous post, I wanted you to know that I am indeed still pumping. After my own considerations and with all the encouragement I received, I am trying to stick it out. 9 months and counting…

P.S. I’m pumping as I write this 😉

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